Gift to my mom on Mother's Day

This Sunday is Mother’s day (13/05/2007) all across the world, and most of the TV and FM channels in Chennai have some or other programs to celebrate the day. This morning I was listening to one of that FM in which they were asking the listeners “What would you gift your mom on mother’s day?” I was really stunned with the response given by some listeners. But I was asking this question myself. Even though I stay with my parents, I was little concerned about what my mom wants the most, so I was really wondering what I would be gifting her on the mother’s day. I started thinking one by one what she was doing and what she would be needing.

My mom mostly spends her time in kitchen, preparing food or snacks for us. Can I gift her any thing that would help her in kitchen. Many things came in my mind from kitchen knife to dish washer, but they are either already their or doesn’t fit our house. So I started thinking other things she does. Other than cooking that she used to watch some soap serials in Sun TV. Can I gift her portable TV and fit it in our kitchen, so she can watch the serials along with cooking. But my brother has already realized this and has done it long back. Next thing she does is having a nice nap after lunch. Can I gift her A/C (Air Conditioner), so she can have a nice sleep in the scorching heat of chennai these days? But my dad has already bought that and fitted in their bedroom. I even thought of gifting her “Honda Activa” bike, as she rarely goes out. But because of cost constrain I can’t.

Many things came up in my mind, ranging from jewelry to silk sarees, watches to show-case gift items. But these are normal gifts that everyone things off. I want to gift her something which she really needs and I am totally out-of-choice, so I placed the query to her special thing she wants for that day. She smiled and replied “Enga koodavee irunthalee poothum, ennaku athuvee periya gift” (big gift is, you staying with us).

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